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Where to find a CSA near you!



Excellent authors on the subject of food:

Michael Pollan

Barbara Kingsolver

Vandana Shiva

Wendell Berry


Information to protect the public health

Environmental Working Group

Organic Consumers Association

Photography, Media and Essays

Huge photography book with essays that compare industrial agriculture with small integrated farms. Beautiful pictures of heirloom vegetables that were once the norm, but have been pushed out by high yield, low taste varieties.

Fatal Harvest

Do you like cartoons? This one is fun and educational! (and it won a bunch of awards)

Using the movie The Matrix as a model, this fantastic series of short cartoons reveal truths about our meat industry. Follow our heroes Moophius, Leo, and Chickity as they fight off villains from Agri-Corp and save family farms!

The Meatrix.

Also, to feed the Star Wars nerd in all of us, Free Range studios bring us: (cue theme music)......

Store Wars.

Publications / articles about food and agriculture

An Interview with Vandana Shiva. A world-renowned environmental thinker and activist.

People are excited about local foods all over the country! Edible Boston is a publication which celebrates thedelicious and diverse food from the greater Boston area.

An article on the Slow Food movement by Renee Ciulla for the Rodale Institute. (Slow food is the opposite of fast food)


Cafe Gratitude is a unique raw food restaurant which prepares absolutely amazing dishes and supports local, organic farms.


Cultivating Community is a non-profit organization in Portland, ME that engage youth in the meaningful work of feeding their neighbors and helping their communities while they build their own skills. They do this through educational programs at their Turkey Hill Farm in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, creating many school gardens and distributing the produce through a CSA.

The Real Food Network is a project of Community Agriculture of Columbia County. These wonderful folks are dedicated to the development of a more localized food system. They provide education and consultation, and encourage and initiate practical projects to support production, processing, storage, distribution, sales, and marketing of local food. Their objective is to strengthen the rural community, and to work toward a sustainable land-based economy in beautiful Columbia County in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York. Stop by their farmer's market on Fridays!

The Solar Living Institute has demonstration gardens which show a variety of culitvation techniques. Many of the plants in the landscaping are edible or useful as well. While the Solar Living Institute specializes in alternative energy, they also offer classes on 'ecological urban gardening,' 'permaculture,' 'beekeeping,' and 'food preservation techniques.' (What the heck am I going to do with all that zucchini?!)

My Farm

Blue Bell Farm is my own farm that just got going. If you live in the Portland, Maine area look for me at local markets this spring!