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Vote With Your Fork Today!

Exercise your power as a consumer and Vote With Your Fork! Where you choose to buy food has a big effect on your world.

Buying local, sustainably grown fruit, vegetables, milk, meat and grains is a vote for independent businesses, small farms and diverse landscapes.

Buying conventionally grown, processed foods is a vote for feedlots, homogenous fast food chains, and petroleum fueled industrial agriculture.

Find a farmers market, CSA and other locally grown produce with the interactive map at LocalHarvest.Org.

Spread the word about voting with your fork by purchasing a one of a kind sticker!



Everybody has to eat, and by gum, you can do something great for the world while filling your belly!

Let's say that you don't like strip malls, big box stores, or exploitation of developing countries. Well, your subversive self can go vote with your fork, spoon, mug and wallet, and support the kind of world you want.

It's no new idea. Everyday purchases have effects, and we should all be aware of where our hard earned money is going. By making informed decisions we can change the world for the better, save some cash, and improve our health.

If you use your cash for a Vote With Your Fork sticker, your money goes to supporting this web site which provides resources that explain how foods are part of a complex economy which we all have control over three times a day. I also like to give away stickers to people who are actively working to support the local food movement. Help me distribute more forks!

Send me a picture showing how you voted with your fork or where your Vote With Your Fork sticker ended up. Ill get 'em posted here!


Let me know your thoughts.

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